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Booster Club

The purpose of the booster club shall be to assist the Pastor's wife in her needs. They shall support other Church endeavors as requested.

Brotherhood Ministry

The purpose of the brotherhood is to promote Christian growth and unity among the males of the church and the community. Its purpose shall be to support local and world missions through praying and giving, to provide and interpret information regarding the work of the church.

Christian Education Ministry

The mission involves the coordination and communication of programs and strategies to facilitate the spiritual growth of the church body. The church will develop a sound philosophy for Christian Education based on the word of God.

Couples in Christ Ministry

The mission of the marriage ministry is to provide a forum where married couples come together to fellowship, pray, share experiences and strengthen their marriage through biblical principles.

Deacons Ministry

The Deacons shall be the spiritual leaders of the Church under the direction of the pastor.
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Deaconess Ministry

The purpose of the deaconess ministry is to help prepare communion, oversee and prepare candidates for baptism and nurture young people of the congregation and community.

Hospitality Ministry

The purpose of the Hospitality Ministry is to greet visitors and prospective members, provide welcome packets and obtain visitors information, and return completed forms to office staff.

Kitchen Ministry

The purpose of the kitchen committee is to prepare and serve meals (Homecoming, Christmas and repast after funerals when requested). The kitchen committee works with all ministries, clubs, committees, and members, Life Center, Academy, and the Park in matters related to the kitchen. All activities involving the kitchen should be coordinated through the kitchen committee.

Music Ministry

The purpose of the music ministry shall be to provide music and to spread the message in song. Choir presidents shall work closely with the Minister of music.

New Members Ministry

The purpose of the New Members' Ministry is to ensure that all new members make a smooth and comfortable transition into their new church family. Each new member is asked to attend an orientation class which is designed to provide them with foundational understanding of what we believe and to facilitate any questions.

Praise Dance Ministry

The mission of the praise dance ministry is to glorify God and magnify His name through dance. The ministry honors the opportunity to be used to celebrate God's Greatness, proclaim His word, declare His Glory and edify His kingdom within and outside of our church. The ministry worships God in spirit and in truth to make known to the world that Christ is Lord.

Prayer Warriors Ministry

The purpose of the prayer warriors is to pray for the sick and shut-ins, the world and the community.

Prison Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to provide spiritual guidance to individuals who are in prison and render assistance to their families.

Publicity Ministry

This mission is to promote the church activities through a variety of venues (newspaper, radio, and social media) to the church body and surrounding communities.

Recreation Ministry

The purpose of the recreation ministry is to promote and develop recreation activities that address the needs of the church family and the community. The Recreation ministry also organizes and develops inclusive recreational, fitness, and leisure activities for individuals and families and organizes and develops teams for all ages to participate in local churches or community leagues.

Singles in Christ Ministry

The Singles Ministry is committed to providing support and encouragement to unmarried adults to serve and be effective leaders in the church and in the community. With God as the center, this ministry embraces being single and support for one another in their spiritual growth in the Lord by becoming equipped to live lives of worship, maturity and witness.

Scholarship Ministry

Trustees Ministry

The purpose of the Trustee ministry is to maintain the Church property. This includes the building, furniture, grounds, and vehicles. Other responsibilities include:
  • Assists the Treasurer and Clerk in recording and processing church deposits.
  • Recommending needed repairs.
  • Developing and compiling an annual Church budget for review by the Pastor and Deacons before being acted upon by the Church.
  • Maintaining an accurate inventory of the Church's property.
  • Ensuring the safety of the worshippers during Church service.

Trustees Spouse's Ministry

The purpose of the trustees' spouses is to administer spiritual guidance to the younger members of the church, and assist the trustees in the collection of special offerings during church services.

Usher Ministry

The purpose of the ushers ministry is to greet people as they enter and leave the church, seat them at the proper time, and bulletins and other material at the time of seating. The ushers will be attentive to the needs of the congregation and the pastor.

Women's Auxiliary Ministry

The purpose of the Women's Auxiliary is to show love, concern and support to our fellow man and to aid in comforting the disconsolate. The membership shall consist of the women of the Church desiring membership.

Young Women's Auxiliary Ministry

This auxiliary consists of young ladies between the ages of 18-45 who devote their time to witnessing, visiting the sick, participating in bible study, health awareness and also to mentor young ladies of the church.

Youth Ministry

The youth directors are responsible for planning and implementing programs for the youth. These programs should encourage young people to learn more about JESUS CHRIST. The Youth Directors are responsible for challenging the youth to strive to become productive members of Society.